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UPDATE: Shopper shot at Checkers

An innocent shopper was shot inside Checkers early yesterday evening.

04 September 2012 | Mari Venter and Malcolm Maifala

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UPDATE: September 5


Netcare Union's media liasion, Vian de Villers, told the RECORD that the victim is in General ICU and in a stable condition. He was able to talk and is recovering well.


According to Brackendowns Police it was a business robbery.

According to the CCTV there were 12 men, some armed, that entered the Checkers. Two of the suspects walked into the offices demanding money and left with two bags of money. The amount taken is not known.

A male, who was busy shopping was shot and taken to Netcare Union Hospital. The victim is still in ICU but he is stable.

September 4 - 22:20

One of looklocal Alberton's facebook users Melissa Evans said, "It was not the manager that was shot, it was an innocent shopper, and they took his phone."

Ruan Visser of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) was at the scene moments after the incident happened. He did confirm a man was shot at the scene.

As the robbery was taking place at the Checkers, Thomas Elliot who was shopping at the shop next door said, “I was done with my shopping, and on my way to the car I heard a loud bang.

“I went to the Checkers entrance and asked the woman who was leaving the store in a hurry what happened. She just said, ‘just run’, so I got into the car and left.”

As many residents of Alberton expressed their shock, there was apparently another Checkers robbed, however, the location given was incorrect.

It is unknown how many robbers there were as well as the number of get-away vehicles, an undisclosed amount has also been taken. No one has been apprehended and the case is still under investigation

As the case continues looklocal Alberton will keep you updated.

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