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Pension fund – SASSA payment card

Pensioners have recently re-registered for their government pension funds and SASSA has shed some light on how it works.

02 March 2013 | Monique Hefer

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All government pensioners can re-register at a station nearby and phone 0800 601 011, 0800 600 160 or 012 400 2322, you can also register anywhere in the country and not necessarily at the place where you applied for your social grant.

Documents needed to re-register:
*Your original 13 digit green bar coded identity document.
*Original birth certificate of child/children.
*Letter of award from SASSA (if you are in pension of 7777 ID number).

Home visits are also offered if you are sick, frail, bedridden or cannot get to a site. Couples can register together even though they may have gotten a letter to re-register on different dates.

Pensioners can access their social grant at any cash pay point, at participating payment vendors like Boxer, Pick n Pay, Spar, Checkers and Shoprite free of charge. If you choose to use your card at the ATM, you will be charged normal bank charges.

If you lose your SASSA card you will be required to pay R20 for a replacement card, which you can get by visiting the nearest SASSA local office. The card is a bank card, keep it safe. You can also visit your any SASSA office if you have forgotten your pin and they will reset it free of charge.

Pensioners can retain their old bank account by contacting the toll free number every month for your social grant to be transferred from the SASSA card to your personal bank account.

You can deposit your money into your SASSA card in one of three ways:
*Using the easypay bill payment system where a reference number is printed on the back of each SASSA card. You can go to any beneficiary supporting easypay, bill payments and pay funds into your bank accounts by providing the reference number.
*Electronic funds transfer – internet banking.
*Third party bank transfer – over the counter transfers at any bank.

Beneficiaries may request a bank statement by phoning the call centre. The beneficiary will be asked security questions to ensure that this confidential document is sent to the legitimate cardholder. Pensioners can withdraw their social grant from any ATM in the national payment system provided you have set a pin on the SASSA payment card during the re-registration process. Normal bank charges will be charged to transactions.

For further information contact SASSA toll free number 080 060 1011 or CPS 080 060 0160 or direct emergency enquiries 012 400 2322 for your re-registration.

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