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The 'no please' cluster commander

The new Benoni police cluster commander, Brig Voyokazi Ndebele, will surely be like a thorn in the rear of lazy and corrupt police officers.

27 November 2012 | Maile Matsimela

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She made it clear to the City Times that the word "please" does not exist in her vocabulary when it comes to police work.

The single parent, who said she sleeps for only three hours and is available 24 hours a day, is already known to wake station commanders in the middle of the night to account for their station's performance.

"I take and give instructions and, besides, we are getting paid to ensure the safety of our people, so I don't see why people should be asked or begged to do their job," said the straight-talking brigadier.

Ndebele said she is passionate about her job, creative and not afraid to take decisions.

"When I arrived here I knew suburbs like Northmead, Rynfield and Farrarmere had housebreaking problems, but, due to the strategies we introduced, together with the CPF, it's now rarely happening," she said.

Ndebele believes in participative management and said she is very supportive of people who are prepared to do their work.

Her whole career has been in operations and she has a vast knowledge and experience in this regard, to make Benoni a safe place.

She was commander of the provincial emergency services and her responsibilities included the K9-Dog Unit, 1011, Flying Squad, the Accident Unit and the Mounted Unit, where she was responsible for 880 personal and 320 vehicles.

"With Benoni, I have less to deal with and don't think it will be a problem," she said.

Ndebele added that she will soon meet with the community, where she will allow them to air their grievances.

"I want people to give me every bit of information they have, which also includes alleged police corruption," she said.

"I have heard that some of my members frequent drug houses, but that will soon be history."

Ndebele is the type who grabs the bull by its horns.

"I can't fail Benoni or my country, as I have never done so in any of my assignments," she said.

She gave the assurance that her office will be always open to the people of Benoni.

"I'm their servant; let them test me by giving information and judge me based on that," she said.

"I'm the type that has operations and underground operations on operations to ensure success."

She welcomes the support of the CPF and the provincial police team.

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