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Although over 38 000 copies of the Benoni City Times are delivered to the community every week without fail, demand continues to outstrip supply.

11 April 2011

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Readers flock to the City Times office every Thursday, to get their weekly dose of community news, while others, unfortunately leave empty handed.

Well, now there is good news for all.

The City Times is available online and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Some love the smell and feel of the paper over a cup of tea or coffee, while others just want to be in the know.

If you are the latter then you will be happy to know that the news is now a click away.

With the launch of online site six months ago, the City Times has entered a new era thanks to Caxton and Moneyweb.

Residents are able to access information, photographs and services as well as interact with each other regularly.

The electronic version of the newspaper is available on the Benoni looklocal home page.

Visit /looklocal/content/en/benoni/benoni-home and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Happy reading.

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