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Charlene Wittstock's family in limbo about moving to Monaco

Mike Wittstock, father to the soon-to-be princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, is not sure if his family will move from Benoni to Monaco, to stay there permanently after her royal wedding.

15 April 2011 | Clyde Meela

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Mike Wittstock, the father of the princess-to-be said: "Final arrangements for the family have not been confirmed, but we are frequently communicating with the people at the palace about further arrangements.

"I am not nervous about walking my daughter down the aisle as many news reports have stated before.

"My wife Lynette has been in Monaco for a few months now and she will be there until the wedding.

"At the moment we are not sure if we will end up moving to Monaco on a permanent basis, but the state of crime in this country (South Africa) and what happened to me recently is making me think otherwise."

Mike was attacked by a group of men with firearms and hijacked in his own yard in February.

The incident occurred just a few hours after lunch with his daughter, Charlene, who was in the country to take part in the Midmar mile.

Investigations on his case are underway and so far the police have not arrested any suspects.

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Current rating: 5 from 1 votes.

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