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Watch out for imposters

Tshwane SPCA warns against fake inspectors.

05 March 2013 | Natalie Grobler

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Be vigilant of wolves in sheep’s clothing, warned the Tshwane SPCA.

The Tshwane SPCA has issued a warning regarding impostors posing as SPCA inspectors.

According to Korky Levanon, spokesperson for the Tshwane SPCA, these alleged inspectors were making their rounds in Pretoria, issuing fake warning letters and fines.

“Residents should note that the SPCA does not give fines for noisy dogs and every warning letter comes on a SPCA letterhead and is signed by an authorised inspector.”

She said Tshwane SPCA inspectors drove in SPCA-branded vans, wore white shirts with SPCA epaulettes and carried identification cards.

 Levanon said their mandate was to prevent the cruelty to animals and therefore they respond to reports of cruelty, neglect and abandoned animals. “It is not likely that the SPCA would issue warnings or fines for noisy and nuisance animals.”

She advised that residents should always ask the inspector for a signed letter of authorisation, which should have matching information with their identification card.

“If residents are suspicious regarding any warning letters that have been issued, or they have been approached by an impostor, they are urged to contact us immediately.”

Enquiries: Tshwane SPCA on 012-803-5219 or

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