10 facts about Mandela's life

10 facts about Mandela's life

A list of facts taken from Nelson Mandela's life.
25 June 2013

With all the attention focused on the condition of Nelson Mandela's health, here are a few interesting facts about Tata Madiba, to help remember this remarkable man:

1. The name Nelson was given to him by a school teacher and was eventually added on to his original name, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Rolihlahla’ means troublemaker.

2. During his teen years, in order to avoid an arranged marriage, he ran away from home.

3. He had created the MK, which was the military portion of the ANC and had arranged training for these members in Algeria. He had launched a sabotage campaign and was arrested for this, as well as attempting to overthrow the government.

4. Nelson Mandela once worked as a guard at a mine.

5. At Robben Island, where he was imprisoned for 27 years, both him and his fellow prisoners had started a hunger strike in order to secure better living conditions for themselves, they ended up winning.

6. Nelson was offered freedom, on the condition that he would put a stop to his violent actions, but he had refused.

Above: A picture of Nelson Mandela during his younger years.

7. In 1994 he became the first democratically elected black president.

8. Retiring from the presidency did not mean retiring from good deeds for Mandela. He had raised millions of rands to help the fight against HIV/Aids in South Africa, a disease to which he had lost his son in 2005.

9. His second marriage to Graca Machel, took place on his 80th birthday, which was in 1998. His first marriage was to Winnie Mandela.

10. President F.W. de Klerk were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to dismantle the country's apartheid system.

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