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looklocal Joburg South is on BBM

Your local news website, looklocal Joburg South is on BBM.

17 August 2012 | Malcolm Maifala

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The news on looklocal Joburg South is powered by the Comaro CHRONICLE and the Southern COURIER and now, the public can keep up to date with the latest news via BBM.

To fully understand how this works here are our terms and conditions.

1. Remember we are a news website; anything you say to the looklocal Alberton on BBM may be published online or in the Comaro CHRONICLE or Southern COURIER newspapers.

2. Please do not spam us. If we feel your messaging is excessive, we will delete and block you.

3. As we are limited to the amount of BBM pins we may have on our Blackberry, we request that you share links to your contacts so that the message/ news can be spread widely.

4. Do not ping us! We get back to you soonest and if needed.

5. Please share our BBM's and our Pin with your contacts. It is important that everyone is aware of what is going on in Alberton. We are not a gossip website, we are a news website.

6. Racism, swearing and name-calling will not be tolerated. You will be deleted and blocked.

7. No chain messages, cute cuddly kitten pics or chuckles to be sent via BBM. You will be deleted and blocked.

8. We do want to hear from you, but only if it is to share an opinion on a broadcast message we have sent out or a genuine news tip.

9. We will mainly be monitoring the BBM from 8:00 to 17:00 daily. However, if there is a breaking news story, we will share it afterhours.

10. In return, we promise not to flood you with news you don't want to read. We estimate between two to five links per week. We publish between 30 - 50 stories online on looklocal per week.

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