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VIDEOS: Kids take ‘drugs’ at school

Pupils were captured preparing, smoking and sniffing what could be drugs in class

22 February 2013 | Gerhardt Theron

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PUPILS completing their high school certificates at Taal-Net Training Institute in Maxwell Street have been caught on camera preparing what could be drugs.

A source, who wished to remain anonymous, said the school’s principal, Mr Shepierd Mudinu, and the owner, Mr Justin Magidi, were not taking any steps to investigate the matter.

The source said there were no problems at the school last year and that these "drug related problems" started four weeks ago.

In three individual videos, which can be watched on, pupils can be seen smoking something in a classroom. In another they can be seen rolling a joint (marijuana cigarette) and in the other they crush a powder which they later inhale.

The videos were shown to the principal on February 12. Two days later they were sent to the owner. According to the source, the pupils were still using "the drugs" in the classroom on February 18.

Magidi told EXPRESS there was no justification or proof that the children were using drugs in the videos.

“We called the parents and told them their children were suspected of using drugs. We are also working hand in hand with the police. We will take action when these pupils are caught red handed. We have to follow the disciplinary process,” said Magidi.

Magidi and Mudinu also had a meeting with Kempton EXPRESS' source after she had come to the newspaper.

“They asked me why I went public. They said they were sorting it out internally and that this might put me and my child’s lives in danger.

"They said nobody must know about it as they wanted to sort it out internally,” the source explained.

The police could not confirm whether the school has been in contact with them as Magidi could not supply EXPRESS with the name of an officer. Here merely stated he spoke to someone on the second floor.

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