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One brick closer to a dream

The machines will be used by a group of women to make bricks, in order to build three créches in Munsieville.

18 October 2011 | Sammi-Jo Botha

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Two brick-making machines were donated to the The Thoughtful Path project of Project Hope UK, by a company called Eniger.

The machines will be used by a group of women to make bricks, in order to build three créches in Munsieville.

Betty Nkoana  from Project Hope UK says, "The reason why there is a need for créches is because the children in this community have not, up to this stage, received proper early childhood education. Project Hope UK has sent some of the women for training in early childhood education, and they will then operate from the créches that are going to be built."

On 3 October, five of the woman  from Munsieville went to visit Wilkinson in Eikenhof, which produces brick-making machines.

The visit’s primary purpose was to teach the women how to operate the brick-making machines. 

Back in Munsieville, the women  signed a proposal to the councillor, to request a piece of land in Maybuye for their activities, including brick making.

Councillor Paul Molapo told the women at a meeting held at the site on 12 October, that their request has been pre-approved by council.

"The municipality encourages residents to use their own initiative, and supports those who do so. Once this business is registered and the quality of the bricks are approved as per the national standard, the government can use these bricks in the building of Extension 5, which is the new extension of Munsieville," said Paul.

Anna Nkunou, one of the woman involved in the project, says, "We are so happy to hear this news. We were looking for an opportunity to empower ourselves and our children, but we didn’t know what to do.

"Then Betty Nkoana from Project Hope UK helped us to  help ourselves, by giving us this opportunity.

"We are very happy to receive support from the government, and we are happy to work together with them."

Although some of the  women have already had some training in brick-making, they are appealing to local businesses to teach them how to make quality bricks.

If anyone would like to donate roofing, paint or sowing equipment for the créches, or volunteer their time to help with the building of the facilities, any donation will be greatly appreciated.

• Details: For more information, contact Betty Nkoana on 079 857 3109.

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