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Project Hope looking forward to 2012

Project Hope UK has many plans for 2012 and hope to make it an even more successful year than 2011.

13 January 2012 | Sammi-Jo Botha

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2011 was  a very successful year for Project Hope UK as they entered their  second year of the 10-year flagship project "The Thoughtful Path Munsieville".

 Together with the local community (working through seven service delivery "hubs"), many unresolved issues have been identified to improve the lives of their orphans and other vulnerable children. Some of these issues have been translated into projects that are now being implemented by the people of the community, with support from Project Hope UK and   local partners.

All their projects are aimed at supporting and empowering the community to have a maximum impact on children, so that they grow up and become healthy and productive adults. One of the highlights of 2011 has been the inauguration of the "house of ambassadors".

The biggest achievement for the year was  the opening of the  first Children's Embassy in Munsieville, on  2   December 2011. The Thoughtful Path Children's Embassy will act as a drop-in support and advice centre for children and caregivers and will be a safe meeting place for at-risk children and a place that will become known as a centre for all who champion the well-being of children.

The Embassy, though small, is a vital part of this flagship project of Project Hope UK and will instantly become the most-talked-about property in Munsieville and highly visible to local, national and international partners.

 Project Hope UK has many plans for 2012 and hope to make it an even more successful year that 2011.

Carola Michielsen of Project Hope UK says, "We thank all our sponsors and donors that helped us or worked with us in the past year. Special thanks to Eve Bleckett of Eriger, who donated two brick-making machines and two sewing machines and one over-locker to Munsieville, and Joe Wilkinson who delivered the machines for free.

"Safe and Sound Learning Centre for working with the ECD women, Mogale City Local Municipality for donating the land to The Thoughtful Path to build the Children's Embassy and GlaxoSmithKline for donating volunteers and products to Project Hope UK."

Support of the Thoughtful Path Munsieville can be either be by donations of cash or products, or by volunteering.

Details: Contact  Betty Nkoana on 079 857 3109 or via email at

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