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Westcol responds over striking students

After striking students gathered at the gates of the Krugersdorp campus, Westcol states their side of the story.

26 February 2013 | Chemélle Barnard

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After students of the Westcol Krugersdorp Campus participated in a strike yesterday, 25 February, Westcol has responded to their claims of allegedly not receiving promised bursaries and textbooks.

Salome du Toit informed the NEWS that they received a mass enrolment in the beginning of this year.

Westcol aims to provide education to as many people as possible and therefore aim to never show applicants away. For this reason we had our enrolment period until the end of January to allow students who did not get into universities to apply.

We received a mass of enrolments for 2013 and with this comes plenty of administration work, says Du Toit.

Westcol offers tuition (with textbooks), accommodation and transport bursaries for which students must apply.

These bursaries are a detailed process of assessments done on the applicants financial need of a bursary and so forth.

The bursary amounts are determined and rewarded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) who pay the bursaries over to the college who then pay it to the parents or guardians of the students.

Students pay no fees to enrol at a Westcol Campus, no deposit, no registration fees.

Together with this lengthy process students unfortunately also often supply the incorrect information in their enrolment documents and therefore everything needs to be redone."

Every student does receive the bursary decided by the NSFAS which is applicable to their circumstances.

"Regarding the textbooks, all Westcol campuses were informed beforehand to make photocopies of the work for students should they need the discussed work for tests.

The large mass of enrolments exceeded the expectations for the amount of textbooks ordered.

"The textbooks used are prescribed by the Gauteng Department of Education (GED) and therefore we are doing everything in our power to speed up the process of printing and delivering these textbooks, says Du Toit.

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