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Update: Africa Bike Week will definitely be back

The confusion has been cleared up.

28 April 2013

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Updated on May 2 at 3pm:

VICKY Wentzel of Wozani Africa confirmed that Africa Bike Week would be back in Margate for at least the next two years, as it is going into year four of a five year contract.

There has been talk that it will go to Cape Town next year, but Mrs Wentzel said these were just rumours.

She added that anyone who wanted to add their accommodation facilities to their database could do so by contacting Mrs Wentzel at 082 8127944.

DEAR Editor,-
Margate put on her glad rags again this past weekend and hosted what Bill Davidson described as a bike event with ‘a very big future’. I sense that we have only scratched the surface with this festival and that Margate will become known for hosting this event on a global scale, much like the European Bike Week ™  in Austria and the great Sturgis™  in South Dakota  that attract millions of visitors.

There are so many important people to thank, and in the months and years to follow much to be said about how we can improve, grow and develop Africa Bike Week™  into this dream. I would  for now however like to take the opportunity of thanking our mayor Cynthia Mqwebu and her team of officials and councillors who assisted us in hosting this event and making it a reality.

Few will understand the resources, manpower, planning and dedication that it took to put this together. None of this would have been possible without Hibiscus Coast Municipality, led by our first citizen, and I thank you! We understand that tourism is the lifeblood of our coastline and that events like these hold the key to unlock development and growth for all the people of this district. 

The feedback that we have received to date from a few businesses in Margate reflect that Africa Bike Week injected more tourism rands into our economy than the month of December.  With that in mind,  planning for next year’s event has already started and we look forward to bringing you many more years of Africa Bike Week festivals.

Wozani Africa

Africa Bike Week was brilliant

DEAR Editor,-
The resounding success of this year's  Africa Bike Week is in no small measure thanks to Vicky Wentzel of Wozani Africa, Harley-Davidson, the participating dealerships, our local  council, traffic department, SAP  and all those who flocked to our town(s).

The vibe in Margate was reminiscent of the heady December holidays of yore when folk could still afford to flock en masse to coastal hotels and caravan parks to spend Christmas ‘at the sea’.

The organisation of this event is beyond the comprehension of a mere mortal like myself and the fact that it was carried off with such aplomb and few (if any) negative incidents speaks volumes for the organisers and our local law enforcement officials - Dave Middleton and his people did an excellent job.

Our beloved,  great Madiba identified  sport as the great melting pot of cultures, creeds and races and I think he would have been proud of ‘his South Africans’ last weekend.  
The benefit to the entire Hibiscus Coast is almost incalculable.

As a businessman and  born and bred local (and biker), I salute Vicky, HCM, Ugu, Michael Bertram and all those who participated in making this event the world- class act it was. Take a bow guys.
Let there be many more.


Updated on April 30 at 1.15pm:

AFRICA Bike Week got off to a roaring start last Friday night when invited guests attended a VIP cocktail hour and welcoming ceremony at the Margate Hotel. Bike enthusiasts and members of the Harley-Davidson team met to enjoy a night of fun, laughter and learn more about the Harley brand. In attendance was Bill Davidson, (Vice President of the Harley-Davidson Museum) together with a host of dignitaries.

Bill Davidson

In his opening address, an upbeat Davidson said that with Africa Bike Week on Margate’s shores once again, the South Coast looks set to benefit tremendously from this extremely well supported event. He said he was delighted to have received such a warm welcome from the people of South Africa. “The enthusiasm around the celebrations is electric. It has been the highlight of my trip to Africa, to meet, speak with and ride alongside Harley-Davidson enthusiasts,” he said.

The roar of powerful engines, accompanied by the spectacle of hundreds of motorbikes joining together for a mass parade, was undoubtedly one of the highlights of Africa Bike Week 2013. This popular and amazingly successful parade saw the Hibiscus Coast Mayor Cynthia Mqwebu and Bill Davidson (Vice President Harley-Davidson Museum) lead 3 242 bikers on a mass ride through the town of Port Shepstone and back to Margate.


Sonja: “What a wonderful event.”

Trisha: “Bike week was awesome. Had a wonderful time.”

Once in a lifetime ride for Nadia Ismail with a Harley Davidson biker.

Khan: “Africa Bike Week was awesome. My cousin has holiday accommodation and some Harley riders booked in there. Awesome event.”

Vusi: “I really enjoyed every moment I was there. The atmosphere was amazing and the music on stage phenomenal. Some of the bikes were mind blowing. ”

Petro: “I loved it. It was great. Margate rocked.”

Pamela: “My son and husband are bike freaks!”

Bikers ride through Port Shepstone.

Tenille: “Bike week rocked!”

Mel Gray: “I rode on my scooter in the mass ride! No, it’s not a super bike of a Harley! But the experience was amazing. To be part of something so big was absolutely awesome. I’ve never seen it so big and I’ve never seen so many spectators. All the bikers from all over were all so friendly. Some great characters!”

Rhona: “We had a front row view from the Shelly  Centre rooftop parking. It was a sight to see.”

Kogie: “It was lovely. Enjoyed it.”

Kim: “Some awesome bikes.”

Gerry: “Fantastic.”

Chella: “Best biker week.”

Bikers at Shelly Centre.

Fern: “The bikes were hot. It was the best ever.”

Tamara: “It was really fun and I enjoyed it.”

Sans: “It was awesome. We spent the day there.”

Preshan: “I was caught in traffic. I enjoyed the run down. It was awesome!”

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