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Lenasia Soccer League to set Tech Grounds ‘alight’

The excitement and ‘lekker’ fun the kids are going to have at the Tech grounds starting this weekend is a new chapter in the lives of Lenasia footballers.

24 April 2013 | Iqbal Gaffoor

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Yes, the fun starts now as the Lenasia Soccer League gets underway at the grounds, paving the way for footballer to look forward to a great season ahead.

Soccer in Lenasia is all set to became top priority once more as all the teams that played elsewhere over the past few years are all back ‘home’

Juniors and seniors were supposed to start over the weekend, but due to the rain, games were called off.

Lenasia soccer has been on the slide for a number of years as many clubs sought greener pastures in leagues outside of its borders, but now, with some directive from the controlling body SAFA, normality reigns in Lenasia once more.

Senior and junior clubs are now back in town.

Currently, there is an interim committee in place who is working around the clock to ensure that football is well catered for. This committee includes, George Ramdin, Mohammed ‘Moose’ Bismillah, Nazeem ‘Blonde’ Raffie, Yusuf Wadee, Kuben ‘Bear’ Reddy, Vincent Naidoo, Jameel Ansari, Zunaid Vahid, Nishaar Evans, Niel Richards, Mohseen Kotwal, Fazal Beg, Shiraz Abbas, Geetash Jairam, Jayant Jeevan, Darren Naidoo and Iqbal Gaffoor. 

The interim committee is in the process of putting a business plan together and soon this will come together for Lenasia football to take its place on the map once more.

The annual general meeting will be held soon, so that a proper and constituted lot of officials could be in place to run the game here.

Teams with the greater Lenasia, Roshnee, Soweto as well as Orange Farm have now applied to play in Lenasia.

Junior clubs include: Athletico, Bellevue, Bluebells, Fordsburg United, Lesco, Tigers, Protea Sweepers, Swaraj, Roshnee, Lenasia Wolves, Shooters, Lobelia Spurs, New Champs, Lawley Destroyers, Cambridge, Little League, One for Sorry, Powerlines and Extention 13 United.

Some of the senior teams are: Botafago, Blizzards, Olympians, Titans, Bellevue, Tigers, Lesco, Garumba’s Cambridge, El Clasico and Rebels

Senior teams will play for a total of R17 600 for the first season in prize monies.

Already negotiations are set up with potential sponsors for league and knockout competitions for all the divisions.


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