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VIDEO: Mhluzi Mistress beaten in public

Warning: Graphic content not for sensitive viewers

29 October 2012 | Bridget Mahlangu

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A woman was brutally attacked on the streets of Mhluzi by two sisters who accused her of having an affair with a married man.

This happened on a Sunday morning at Vuka Section when the  mistress was allegedly caught in bed with the man - identified as Xoli Masemola.

Video footage obtained by the Middelburg Observer  shows the sisters beating her up until she finally escapes and flees the house.

The mistress, whose identity could not be established and who is not a local resident, was dressed only in her underwear.

She was followed by the two sisters - Thabisile Tibane and Lindiwe Masemola - along with an unidentified man who recorded the incident on a cellphone while the victim was assaulted

The woman ran to a nearby house and screamed for help until she managed to get inside the house. But one of the angry sisters, Thabisile, also made it inside.

The video clearly shows Thabisile pulling her hair and kicking her. The owner of the house, an elderly woman, begged them to get out of her home as she feared that they might cause damage.

As the victim escaped, she was still followed as onlookers and neighbours watched the humiliating scene.

The video also clearly reveals the long distance which she ran in a desperate attempt to escape.

She was however caught by a passer-by who held her until one of the sisters, Thabisile,  who now had a sjambok in her hand, continues mercilessly with the beating. The mistress then surrendered and pleaded for them to stop.

“I am going to faint ” she said - overwhelmed with embarrassment as more people gathered around the scene.

The woman then walked towards the robots at the intersection of Gogo Nambuyisa- and Lekoko Street near Sozama Bottle Store and was forced into a blue car.

In a short period of time the video circulated throughout the community in Mhluzi.
The embarrassing story has spread as far as eMalahleni and other neighbouring towns.

The victim reported the matter to the police and the suspects Mr.Simon Mkwanazi (63), Xoli Masemola (40), Thabisile Tibane (39), Lindiwe Masemola (34) and Mlungisi Mahlangu (30) were all charged with assault and kidnapping.

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Current rating: 3.7 from 3 votes.
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