Letters - Lawlessness prevails

02 March 2012

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Dear Editor,

The apathy of JMPD countrywide is to blame for the lawlessness of road users. They are not properly trained and suffer with a high level of lawlessness themselves - hence, the possibility of being bribed. More and more people believe they are in the right to drive through a traffic light when amber or red.

I use the roads extensively throughout the Gauteng area, and at every intersection one, two, three or four road users will break the law and endanger someone’s life. I have not included the taxis drivers, as they abide by their own law anyway. I could write out two books of citations in one morning, just sitting at any given intersection. All traffic departments prefer to practice blatant entrapment using unskilled labour, who don’t even know the laws of our beautiful country.

Four officers in one vehicle, which is more than likely unroadworthy, driving around checking driver’s licences and unroadworthy vehicles, in an aimless attempt to curb road fatalities? Not working is it?

Trucks using our roads with the loads not fastened down, dropping rock, building rubble, sheets of steel, huge panes of glass and metal castings and bakkies overloaded with truck tyres not fastened down. I have photographs to prove all of this.

If JMPD was more vigilant, more visible, better trained and “un-bribeable,” more money would be flowing into the state coffers and a lower death rate could be achieved. Lawlessness must be stamped out! Respect and discipline between each other must prevail, or the death rate will keep rising.   

Connie Fraundorfer

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