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Local man loses gun to attackers after shooting

Local man loses gun to attackers after shooting

16 April 2014 Robbers make off with an local man’s gun, despite him shooting at them.
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Three Glen Hills women in terrifying ordeal

Three Glen Hills women in terrifying ordeal

16 April 2014 A Glen Hills woman and her two domestic workers were held up by three armed robbers last week.
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Three women held up in two separate robberies

Three women held up in two separate robberies

07 April 2014 A businesswoman, domestic worker and home owner were held up by robbers in two separate incidents over two days.
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Amendment to curb whoonga abuse

Amendment to curb whoonga abuse

04 April 2014 Amendment to Drugs and Trafficking Act means the use or sale of Whoonga (Nyaope) is now illegal.
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Locked in B&B bathroom fearing for her life

Marshall Security arrest suspect involved in an armed robbery of a Bed and Breakfast in Durban...

Greenwood Park SAPS officer killed in shootout with robbers

Police reported that a local police officer was shot and killed in uMngeni Park.

BREAKING: Local officer killed by armed robbers

A Greenwood Park SAPS officer has been shot and killed in uMngeni Park.

Ex-boyfriend dumps youngster’s body in sugarcane field

A 21-year-old man has been arrested for the gruesome murder of his ex-girlfriend.

Armed robbery on M4/M41 hairpin

Second incident of armed robbery on hairpin bend.

More than half a million taken in house robbery

Robbers overpower women in Balmoral Drive robbery but are disturbed by police sirens.

Local response officers praised for speedy responses

Thanks to local security officers' dedication, two seperate break in attempts were thwarted.

Cemetery cameras to be installed in June

Red Hill Cemetery's cameras will be installed in June this year according to council.

Upper uMhlanga takes back community safety

Beware criminals! The Upper uMhlanga suburb is not open for business anymore.

Supermarket owner upbeat despite robbery ordeal

Two men have been arrested in connection with the robbery of an Effingham supermarket and a service...

Greenwood officers take to streets

Due to the increase of crimes relating to cars, Greenwood Park police took to the streets last week...

Silenced with R64

A man gave a six-year-old girl R64 to silence her after raping her in his house recently.

Neighbourhood watch wants answers

There was a lot of hype surrounding council's decision to install cameras at Red Hill Cemetery, but...

Drug dealers to feel the heat

Police take action against drug dealers.

uMhlanga gardener steals employer's car

Police recovered stolen car in Waterloo.

Resident allegedly assaulted by security officers

Sunningdale resident alleges he was called a baboon and the 'k-word' by local security company.

Roof tile thief caught in the act

Thieves target roof tiles in string of house break-ins.

Pedestrian left trouserless after mugging

Suspects hold up pedestrian on Twilight Drive, demand valuables and bizzarely, his jeans.

Cellphones targeted at rapper's concert

Opportunistic criminals making the most out of the packed Wavehouse space.

Effingham business robbed

An Effingham Road business was robbed by three armed men on Saturday 15 February.

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