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Alex centenary mass slaughter postponed

The Alexandra Centenary and Heritage Association (ACHA) has announced the postponement of the mass slaughter of more than a dozen animals in celebration of the 100 years of Alexandra on 25 May.

24 May 2012 | Sipho Siso

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The mass slaughter will now take place on 8 June at a location close to the Gautrain Station in Marlboro, "away from private properties and public view to comply with regulations that will not incur any emotional injury to any sensitive person."

The slaughtered animals will be transported to the Eastbank Hall for preparation and cooking the next day. "ACHA and its centenary partners, the Greater Alexandra Development Forum and the Greater Alexandra Chamber of Commerce, would like to inform all residents of Alex that the planned cleansing ceremony in honour of fallen heroes and heroines and all luminaries of Alex which was to take place tomorrow (25 May) has been regrettably postponed.

"This is due to inadequate consideration of the provincial laws and by-laws on the part of the organisers. Since a mass slaughter of 12 cows, six sheep and a goat was planned, this event at this scale is unprecedented and the existing regulations impose the need for close scrutiny and oversight of the proceedings by the relevant officials.

"The designated area where the slaughtering was to take place is also a public place that is not desirable by the existing legislation. We would like to apologise to all residents, friends and partners of Alex for this sudden change of plans and assure everyone that the event will definitely continue once all the conditions as prescribed by the law have been met,"ACHA chairman Obed Bapela said.

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