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Sangomas and healers must register

JOBURG - Bogus healers and sangomas who are out to "make a quick buck", will be tested and prosecuted by a new statutory council.

05 December 2012 | Sipho Siso

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Traditional Healers Forum Johannesburg chapter chairman Joel Chauke, who also presides over a Region E chapter of healers, formed in Alexandra, vowed that the healing profession would act against unscrupulous and fake local and foreign healers, herbalists and prophets in South Africa.

"Some promise to enlarge your penis, cure HIV /AIDS, make you a millionaire, double your money, pick the winning lotto numbers or back your long lost lover. We are fed up with these supposed healers.

"They are in for a surprise. Their days are numbered," warned Chauke. Local and foreign healers will now be screened before being allowed to practise, in the same way that doctors and other alternative health professionals have to prove their training and register with their professional bodies.

"Once the Council of Traditional Healers Bill is passed in Parliament, healers and sangomas, local and foreign, will be required to register with the council. Those found to be involved in malpractice will be prevented from practicing.

"Bogus foreign healers will be kicked out of the country. Local quacks and fakers will have their membership and registration with the council rescinded and they will be banned from practising," Chauke said.

While traditional healing practice will be regulated, various forums will be formed to train and build traditional healing skills and capacity at regular workshops run by state and municipal health authorities.

"Government, state and local authorities used to work with one group of organised healers and left others outside. We want to put a stop to this approach.

"All sangomas and healers, local and foreign, must benefit from any form of registration and training, the most popular of which relates to the treatment of HIV /AIDS patients," Chauke said.

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