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UPDATE: Baby’s mutilated body found

Verulam resident finds mutilated new born baby.

03 August 2012 | Rubeshni Chetty

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Update: August 8, 4PM - According to the Verulam SAP, Mrs Rambaran who is one of the home-owners and her domestic worker were cleaning the garden on Friday morning when the domestic worker found a baby’s top. She showed the top to Rambaran who assumed that one of the family dogs dragged the top into the yard. The two women returned to the house, unaware of the dead baby’s body in the yard.

A while later, a cookery pot salesman knocked on the front door. Rambaran attended to the salesman and noticed a swarm of flies across her lawn. Assuming that the dogs had dragged more dirt into the yard, she sent her domestic worker to check what it was. Upon further investigation, the domestic worker found the mutilated body of the baby. The baby did not have ears, eyes or a mouth and the bones were exposed. The baby was also missing arms and limbs from the waist down.
It is believed that the dead baby was wrapped in a blanket and abandoned on the roadside. The Rambaran’s five dogs then dragged the baby onto the property.

The family expressed their distress over the incident. “It is appalling that an incident like this could happen in our own community. Clearly the baby’s mother needed help and support,” said Mr Rambaran. Police are investigating the case.

Initial report: August 3, 2012 - The mutilated body of a new born baby was found in a garden on Ivy Street in Verulam about an hour ago. The owner of the house contacted the control room of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) and reported that their dogs were behaving strangely because of a blanket in their garden. RUSA officers were dispatched and upon arrival found a blue baby blanket with the body of a baby close by.

Reports indicate that the baby was wrapped in the blanket and abandoned on the roadside. It is alleged that the dead baby was attacked by the dogs and dragged into the property.

According to reports from RUSA officers, the body of the baby was completely mutilated from the waist down. The baby's hand and legs may have been eaten by the dogs.

At this stage it is unknown whether the baby died after being attacked by the dogs or because of the inclement weather conditions.

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