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Local sex workers slaves for foreign men

In Arcadia, foreign nationals use South African women until they are ‘worth nothing’

08 August 2012 | Ron Sibiya

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South African women, brought to Pretoria from all regions of the country, are being sold for drugs and used as sex slaves and prostitutes by foreign men.

The dignity and pride of the nation is at stake and something should be done about the abuse of South African women by foreign men, who were only interested in making money, said a resident who wished not to be identified.

The women, Rekord was told, were brought from all over the country - only to be sent back to their homes after they had served their purpose as sex workers.

While in the hands of foreigners, it was alleged the women became their wives for pleasure and sex slaves for paying customers while the women are under the influence of drugs.

“They earn the next drug fix by working until their bodies can’t take it anymore, and that is when they are referred to as allegedly beings of no value, the source said.
Although the police and other officials had shut down a number of buildings, which housed these foreign pimps and prostitutes, in recent months, several other buildings continued operating.

One such building is Astoria Mansions in Park Street, Arcadia, it was alleged this week.
Rekord discovered that over 20 women and a couple of men, who claimed to be Nigerian nationals, lived in a one-and-a-half bedroom flat in Astoria Mansions.

The women allegedly work as sex slaves for the foreigners.

One foreign national, who claimed to be from Nigeria, confirmed to have a South African girlfriend who sold her body for them to have food on the table.

Residents are frustrated and claimed Astoria Mansions were used for smuggling drugs and prostitution.

One of the neighbours at the building said her children were in danger as sometime shots were fired from the building.

Residents believed police were not doing enough to solve the problem, as the building was well known among everybody for drugs and prostitution.

According to the caretaker of Astoria Mansions, Thabang Maluleke, he had had enough and wished that the law would be implemented properly.

“I live here and I see all these crimes being committed but I cannot say much to the newspaper as I fear for my life,” said the caretaker.
Sunnyside police confirmed that Astoria Mansions were giving them problems. They said they had conducted a number of operations to fight crime at the building.
Sunnyside police sector 4 deputy manager, Adolph Chiloane, said police were negotiating with the owners of the building to solve the problem as there were legal steps to be followed.

He said a number of crimes were being committed at the building.

“We do not want the crime to continue and will continue with arresting people who break the law,” Chiloane said.

He urged residents to inform police about crime and promised that police would act.

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