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Deputy Ambassador shot at

The driver of Nigeria’s deputy ambassador to South Africa, was injured on Wednesday following an attack on the deputy ambassadors vehicle.

02 May 2013 | Valeska Abreu

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Police have said they cannot speculate on the motive behind the attack on the deputy ambassador of Nigeria to South Africa, following a shoot-out outside his residence.

According to Brigadier Phuti Setati, the deputy ambassador, his wife and driver, were shot at moments after arriving at their residence in Orient street in Monument park on Wednesday.

Setati said that a white Lexus with an unknown number of suspects stooped behind the official vehicle of the deputy ambassador as they waited for the gate to open, when a man got out and fired shots at the vehicle.

“The deputy ambassador’s driver retaliated and the suspects sped off. The driver was shot in the hand during the shoot-out, but the deputy ambassador and his wife were not injured,” Setati said.

Setati said they cannot speculate at this stage if it was an assassination attempt.

“We cannot speculate, we are investigating a case of attempted murder and attempted robbery.”

Setati urged the community, who had information that could assist with the investigation, to come forward to the Brooklyn Police station.


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