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Alien spotted in Bryanston Extension 3

Residents be warned, you might come home one evening to a peculiar looking one-eyed,1m-high inhabitant in your yard.

08 June 2011 | Karishma Thakurdin and Zanele Sabela

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This Unidentified Object is rumoured to be invisible in the dark, others have even bumped into it trying to reverse out of their driveway.

Wait! Before you call the Men in Black rather call Johannesburg Water (JW).

This strange apparatus is apparently a new water meter the utility is rolling out. Even stranger is that seasoned JW technicians were left baffled by this new technology.

Bryanston Extension 3 resident Karen Brown was the first earthling to encounter the object. Her meter was apparently old, corroded and needed to be replaced.

“I was so impressed by the quick response and efficient service from the technicians when they came to install it,” she said.

She, however, changed her mind when she was greeted by the alien in her driveway. “The new meter is enormous, stands a full metre above the ground in the middle of my driveway, and two visitors have driven into it in the evening light.”

Then she phoned JW. “On two occasions technicians arrived, looked at the meter, shook their heads and exclaimed ‘eish’ and left, never to be heard from again.

“The lack of knowledge around this water meter is a grave concern to me and technicians are given the task of installing it without having adequate knowledge about it,” Brown said.

She added the water pressure in her home had dropped immensely. 

“People need to know if it is a new type of water meter  being installed so they can plan ahead.”

JW spokesman Baldwin Matsimela  said the query had been beamed up to their maintenance team and technicians for investigation.

“I have also requested the maintenance team to contact the complainant to get the full story,” he said.

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