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UPDATE: Hijacking mayhem in Craighall

CRAIGHALL - There have been no arrests following the traffic accident, attempted hijacking and bee retaliation in Craighall on 10 July.

10 July 2013 | David Jenkin and Rapula Moatshe

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A clear picture has since emerged of the chaotic incident.

Marc Peiser, a passenger in a Lexus stopped at the intersection of William Nicol Drive and 2nd Road, said that he and the driver, Len Weincier, witnessed a BMW run the red light and collide with a Peugeot which was turning out of 2nd Road. The BMW continued down 2nd Road and the pair decided to give chase to confront the driver for not stopping at the accident scene.

The BMW came to a stop at the corner of Waterfall and Douglas Avenues. Peiser got out of the car and began to take pictures of the car with a cellphone. He explained, "The guys started getting out, really casual, and then I saw the gun." Peiser ducked for cover while one of the three men got into the passenger seat of the Lexus and pointed a firearm at Weincier.

Weincier said that he put his foot down on the accelerator and reversed at speed. He grabbed the gun and a struggle ensued with about two shots fired inside the vehicle. The Lexus then veered off the road and hit a wall which promptly collapsed. Behind the wall was a beehive. The enraged bees then encircled and entered the car as the gunman got out and fled with his accomplices on foot towards Jan Smuts Avenue.

Resident Sophie Sigrist said that she had heard the crash and from her property was able to see the suspects running up the road while pulling off their clothing, likely due to the bees. Sigrist's husband told the police the cost of the damage to the wall could be as much as R100 000. The damage to the Peugeot was an estimated R50 000. The Lexus was reportedly a write-off.

The police report indicated that the BMW had been hijacked in Edenvale in May. The licence was false and two extra licence plates were found in the car.

Emergency services were on the scene quickly and treated the two victims for bee stings and minor abrasions. Police then arrived and a search for the suspects began. When police first approached the Lexus the bees chased them away.

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Current rating: 3.5 from 2 votes.
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